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Lambs Wool Insole

Superior ventilation, Moisture

Absorbent & Comfortable

Ideal for travelling & .walking



Flexible foot support

Supports twofold, effectively odour stop, also ideal for high heels
Revive your feet and give them more flexibility

This comfortable foot support stabilises and relieves the foot. It is made of natural products, leather and active carbon filter that keeps the foot dry and prevents foot odour. It is ideal to alleviate the pain caused by fallen arches and splayfeet and prevent their creation due to its metatarsal pad and longitudinal arch support. Should be aired after each use. 




More grip in pumps & slippers

For maximum grip in your shoes

Pedag Girl prevents the foot from sliding forward in pumps and slippers even when wearing tights or stockings. Self-adhesive. Remove protective foil and fix in position.

Available colours: White & Brown



The flexible foot support, odourless thanks to activated carbon.

Flexible in all shoes

The comfortable arch support with metatarsal pad relaxes the foot. It prevents and alleviates problems due to splayfoot. Leather and activated carbon, both natural products, keeps your feet dry and odourless. Its antibacterial properties guarantee optimal foot hygiene. Should be aired after each use. 


Exquisite Leather

Genuine leather with activated carbon filter

EXQUISITE LEATHER The leather insole with activated carbon-enriched latex takes up hardly any extra space in your shoe. Absorbs moisture in your shoes, reduces aching and foot odour. Also ideal for protecting the surface of your shoe’s sole.