Statique (Allendale)

Anti static spray

Eliminates static from clothing, lingerie, hosiery and tumble dryers


Anti static spray for fabrics

Statique eliminates the effects of static electricity.

Always patch test on a seam area as some fabrics may watermark. One application lasts until the next wash.

Clothing. To prevent bunching and dinging of garments. Spray inside of garment lightly and evenly holding spray at least 60cm away. Allow to dry.

Fabrics that watermark such as some silks and satins may, if washable, be dipped into a small amount of water with 3 tablespoons of Statique added. Dry without rinsing.

If not washable, spray undergarments and hosiery. Allow to dry.

Furnishings, carpets, car seats. To prevent sparks and shocks in the home, office and car, spray clean carpets and furnishings lightly. Allow to dry before use.

Tumble clothes dryer. To prevent the buildup of static ding and sparking, spray Statique 10 times onto damp clothes before drying.


Cordless/Battery Operated

Removable see through lint trap
Includes clean-up brush
Restores clothing to like-new appearance

 2 size “aa” batteries required

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