We do all types of men’s quality repairs & alterations

Suit jackets

shorten/lengthen sleeves with/without buttons, take in/let out sleeves, take in/let out back seams, take up the length, reinforce buttons, change the lining, bring up shoulders, shorten sleeves from the top


shorten sleeves, take in sleeves, shorten the length, reverse the collar


change zip, take-in/let-out waist, shorten plain or with cuffs, lengthen with false hem, change the zip

take-in/let-out legs


take-in/let-out the body, shorten the length with similar or original finish, shorten/lengthen sleeves, take up shoulders


shorten with a standard hem or with original finish, fix holes using reinforcement and fine patching

Trouser/jean pockets repaired or replaced

We can alter your garments and dry clean them if needed.

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