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Ladies alterations


Shorten sleeves, lengthen sleeves, take in / let out the body, add darts, fix the hole, take up shoulders


all type of modifications, take in, let out, shortening. Prices will very from $100 -$ 500

Prom, deb dresses​, Evening dresses

all sort of changes. Prices depend on the job done,  $50 - $300


Shorten/lengthen sleeves, shorten the length, take in/let out​​, change the lining, take up shoulders

leather jacket

Shorten/lengthen sleeves, take in /let out body, fix the hole.


Shorten/lengthen with false hem, take in /let out, change the zip, fix a hole, patch, invisible mend


​​shorten the length, shorten sleeves,  suede/leather patch on elbows, Invisible mending

casual dresses

​​shorten the length like original, take in or let out on sides, add darts on bust  or waist, shorten straps, change the zip

press stud/button replacement or reinforcement on all type of garments and materials

Leather bags

Repair the hole or redo the stitching, change the pocket, change the zip if possible. We have to see the bag before being able to quote or take the order.

We can alter your garments and dry clean them if needed. You just mention it when placing the order with us.